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Puppet Theater The Big Hall

THE SCARLET UMBRELLA | Eesti Noorsooteater Theater | Estonia

10 am.

The Scarlet Umbrella” sets on a theatre stage the childhood games of two sisters, the mirth, fun and moods – and the rain that speaks in Latin. A well-known poem by Estonian poetess Betti Alver has inspired a show without words that is easy to understand for everyone from the age of three.


10:30 am.

On the first day of the festival, an enlarged puppet of Stasys Usinskas’ “Singer” will be unveiled at the entrance to the main Puppet Theatre, made by the masters of Kaunas Puppet Theatre according to old drawings and sketches.

KAUNAS BEAST |  Kaunas State Puppet Theatre

11 am. 

The two characters of the play Town Hall and Fountain invite you to get acquainted with the mysterious Mythical Beast of Kaunas, which has been sleeping in the basements of the Old Town for hundreds of years. The Beast, turns out, enjoys playing hide and seek. 

Their game is not easy, you have to smell, hear, track, see, touch and, with the very best of luck, catch it.

Workshop I AM CREATING A FAIRYTALE  | Kristina Norvilaitė-Geniušienė

11 am.

My work often explores the theme of childhood, as I often draw inspiration from my childhood experiences. I have been visiting the Kaunas Puppet Theatre my whole life, and the experiences I had here as a child have formed the backbone of my artistic world. To return here to exhibit my work feels like coming full circle. I want to explore the child’s world. Every year I discover some code from my childhood hidden in my consciousness. When I find it, I have to solve it. This is how another exhibition comes into my life. 

THE QUEEN OF THE SEAGULL | Latvia Puppet Theater

12 am.

Renata is an ordinary, morose neighbour who cannot stand many things in this world, often writes complaints to the city council and grumble about the children’s noisy chatter. She is especially bothered by seagulls, which for some reason loudly intrude her yard. Renata lives in some town’s multi-storey house, in a small apartment, a look inside which allows discovering a very unusual secret. What is Renata really like? Maybe she is just enchanted?

ME – THE BEAST | Kaunas State Puppet Theater

6 pm.

A performance for young people “Me -The Beast” follows a young person in today’s world discovering an “animal” of creativity within himself. What do we think when seeing “cool” looking teenagers on the streets? “They’re animals! They must not be very nice.” We’re used to being scared of what’s unknown to us.